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Magic Gate: Faces of Darkness   2015-03-02

Magic Gate: Faces of Darkness

Magic Gate: Faces of Darkness will pull you away into a mystical world where anything can happen. Explore this magical world and face off with traps and villainous foes as you go on a quest to save your fiancée (now wife) from the forces of evil that have taken her captive. This game is brought to you by the new and innovative company, Pilot Games, who is using the Magic Series (well, at least I hope there’s a series that follows) to launch them into the hidden object puzzle adventure game genre. You play the role of Nathanial, who recently moved to a new house with his wife, Gloria. The game begins with Nathanial sitting at a typewriter explaining the story of how he almost lost his loved one a year ago. He carries a box upstairs to Gloria to a room full of old junk, including a mirror with a sheet over it.


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Fill and Cross Pirate Riddles   2015-03-01

Fill and Cross Pirate Riddles

Avast! The third edition of the Fill and Cross Pirate Riddles is finally nigh! If ye enjoyed the previous two chapters, then this one is sure to make ye Roger Jolly. Set sail on the epic quest to find the coveted crystal which is capable of imparting youth, a cup which can impart eternal life to the one who drinks from it, or a doubloon that grants its beholder with good luck. All of this booty and more can be yours if you can take the island before any other scallywags claim it. The Pirate Riddles game is set up in a fairly simple layout. There is a puzzle that increases in difficulty as you progress. Climb your way to the top in this sea-faring brain teaser and collect trophies along the way.

Mystery Tales: The Twilight World   2015-02-27

Mystery Tales: The Twilight World

From DominiGames, creators of the popular mystery series,Labyrinths of the World, and Dark Romance, comes a brand new chapter of hidden object puzzle adventure games in the Mystery Talesseries. Mystery Tales: The Twilight World Collector's Edition is the second pearl in what’s sure to be string of sequels (and perhaps even a few prequels if we’re lucky). Battle a witch’s dark magic in this awesome adventure of good versus evil! You’ve been traveling all day long with your daughter, Nancy, when you come across a charming little hotel just off the highway and decide to drop in for the night. As you settle in for a peaceful evening at the resort, things take a sudden turn for the worse. A dark witch kidnaps Nancy! Now, you have to take a journey to the Twilight World to dig up the secrets of what’s going on. 

Off The Record: The Art of Deception Collector's Edition   2015-02-23

Off The Record: The Art of Deception Collector's Edition

From Eipix Entertainment, creators of the Amaranthine Voyage and Sea of Lies series, comes another awesome hidden object puzzle adventure game that’s bound to keep your brain working for hours on end. Off The Record: The Art of Deception Collector's Edition is the third installment of the Off The Record series, and it absolutely lives up to the standards set forth by the previous two chapters. If you enjoy art, Central Europe, and information that’s ‘off the record,’ then this is the game for you! Lisa Steiner is an artist who has been put in charge of restoring a lost masterpiece that has recently resurfaced in Austria. In Off The Record 3, you play the role of a reporter who comes to interview Ms. Steiner, which is a reporter’s dream since she won’t talk to any others.

Dangerous Games: Illusionist   2015-02-22

Dangerous Games: Illusionist

Dangerous Games: Illusionist Collector's Edition is a hidden object puzzle adventure game that comes from Blam! and promises to be one of your favorite. You are to encounter not only the challenging puzzles and tasksk but also magic. You play as a reporter who covered hte first championship of Illusionists a while back. The event went south as one of the contestants died. You did your best to expose him as a fake though. Now twenty years later you find yourself at the same event hoping for a better turn out this time. Yet magic catches you by surprise as a mysterious man in a red mask appears and makes one of the ocntestants disappear.

Dark Dimensions: Homecoming   2015-02-20

Dark Dimensions: Homecoming

From Daily Magic Productions, the makers of the Dark Dimensionsquadrilogy, comes the next chapter of this amazing tale. Dark Dimensions: Homecoming Collector's Edition is the fifth installment of a series that is likely to stretch out for years to come. If you enjoyed the previous four Dark Dimensions games, then you will absolutely love this one. Fasten your seatbelt, because this is going to be a ride to a whole new dimension that you weren’t expecting. When you were younger, your parents were investigating a mansion in the chilling Whispering Hollows, when they disappeared suddenly. 

Diamond Dash   2015-02-17

Diamond Dash

From Wooga, the Berlin-based mobile and social game creators who brought you Jelly Splash, and other great puzzle games comes another hot block game: Diamond Dash. If you’re familiar with some of Wooga’s other works, you may be able to detect some of their influence from other games in Diamond Dash. It is truly the best highbred game of this genre. Perfect to play while waiting in line or on the bus--any time you have 60 seconds to play with. Diamond Dash is of the match-3 genre, but it’s not a gem-swapping game like Bejeweled and other such games. Rather, it’s more of a collapsing game, where you have a screen full of colored blocks, and you get to clear away clusters of three or more by clicking on them.

Mystery of the Ancients: Deadly Cold   2015-02-16

Mystery of the Ancients: Deadly Cold

The fourth installment of the Mystery of the Ancients series is finally nigh! If you liked the previous three, then you will fall in love withMystery of the Ancients: Deadly Cold Collector's Edition. If you haven’t played the previous three, then don’t worry, you can skip them and start with the fourth chapter without too much confusion. Either way, this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game is sure to rock your world. Excellent art, excellent concept, great gameplay! You’re having a nice summer day with your best friend, Kira, and her husband, Victor Snow, in the beautiful city of Baumholder, when suddenly a blizzard strikes. Nothing can ruin a party in July like a snow storm. 

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