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Shrouded Tales: Revenge of Shadows    2015-07-27

Shrouded Tales: Revenge of Shadows

If you are into fantasy worlds where amulets and curses are a real thing you should check out Shrouded Tales: Revenge of Shadows Collector's Edition. Also, you can do that if you are a fan of hidden object puzzle adventure games. You called in to help a city of Volarden get out of the grip of an evil wizard. Representing the Order of the Barons you are no stranger to fighting evil intentions to opress or harm the innocent. Using the good magic and a powerful amulet you have to use your wits to be careful and not fall victim to the evil dressed up as good.


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Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Tracks of Terror   2015-07-26

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Tracks of Terror

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Tracks of Terror is a great hidden object game from the series of Shadow Wolf series. It is one of the dark games of the genre with some horrible supernatural creatures. This is not a game for the night time unless you are brave. You are called in for help in a village protected by a family with a curse. The curse sounds bad but it helps them protect the villagers from scary creatures that are about to devour them. Things are really complicated this time. The father of the family is missing by the time of your arival, the son that is to get to the age when he can take over the curse is fighting the creatures off by himself.

Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece   2015-07-24

Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece

Creative people are often known for their extravagant personalities and strange to the rest of the people struggles. Subliminal Realms: The Masterpiece Collector's Edition is a recently released hidden object puzzle adventure game where you need to solve one artist's problem. In this game, you are introduced to a successful artist Albert. His paintings are his job and his family is his greatest support in life. Everything goes well untill he loses peace because of strange and terrifying nightmares where he met an even less pleasant creature whom he called Solitude. Things get even worse when Solitude kidnaps his wife and daughter into her paintings. Now the artist has to fight with his paints and brushes to rescue his family.

Witches' Legacy: The Dark Throne   2015-07-20

Witches' Legacy: The Dark Throne

Those who have been following the story of a good witch Lynn rejoice for there is another release of the Witches' Legacy series. Those who haven't have a whole lot to catch up with starting from the very first installment. Witches' Legacy: The Dark Throne Collector's Edition is about the next queen in the dark magic world. You don't have to worry about another evil queen standing on the way of happiness of Lynn and Edward. You have to worry that Lynn has been chosen by the dark magic for that role. She has been possessed by the dark power running through her vains.

Agent Alice   2015-07-19

Agent Alice

Agent Alice is a fun detective game to have on your iPhone or iPad whenever you have time to kill. It is a fun detective mystery game where you have a new story every week and a new crime to investigate. Agent Alice Wallace combines the beautiful and the smart as she unravels the truth behind the crimes and stories. New episodes come out every week challenging you and the team to a new task. This part makes this game different from your average HOPA games where you are stuck to the same story throught the whole game (which is not necesserily bad - just different). 

Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeth's Secret   2015-07-17

Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeth's Secret

Vendel Games are reminding us again about how far your desire for revenge can take you. Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeth's Secret Collector's Edition is one of the recent hidden object puzzle adventure games that take you to the queens court and all the intrigues of the royal life. You are Queen Elizabeth the First's maid of honor and your sidekick is Francis Drake himself! This is going ot be quite an adventure at least because of Francis Drake. There is a lot of humor and interesting details of these characters' life. Drake is to help you find out what happened to little Edward who seemed to be kidnapped by a dark spirit.

Dr. Panda in Space   2015-07-13

Dr. Panda in Space

Dr. Panda in Space is a fun game for parents and their kids. It is fun for both because kids can play the actual game while parents can go and do whatever they need to without any distractions (tell me that's not fun for parents). Dr. Panda in Space challenges you to build your own rocket ship and go to space for adventure. First you need to customize your ship using different kinds of patterns. Once this part is done you set off for a journey in space.

Grim Facade: Hidden Sins   2015-07-10

Grim Facade: Hidden Sins

Grim Facade: Hidden Sins Collector's Edition is another release in the Grim Facade series. ERS games did a great job on the details of this dark and terrefying hidden object puzzle adventure game. Don't play it when it's late, dark, and you are alone. Unless this is exactly what you look for in your HOPA games. Younger children are probably better to play something happier. You are called by a mayor of a town to investigate a case of attacks on the citizens. The mayor's wife has been kidnapped and the list of the future possible victims keeps everyone of fear.

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