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TwoDots   2014-08-20


TwoDots is one of those super simple games with very simple but cute graphics and addictive game play. In this fun connect-the-dots game, you have an objective to connect a certain amount of dots of different colors in a certain amount of moves. After you connect them, they disappear and the dots about them fall down to fill in the gaps and new dots come down from above (see screenshot). Sometimes a level will have some blank spots to add an extra little challenge. You get five lives, which you lose if you fail a level. There are 85 levels which spread out on a cool map over a few different worlds. This is an addicting little game that will make you think.


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Amaranthine Voyage: The Shadow of Torment Collector's Edition   2014-08-17

Amaranthine Voyage: The Shadow of Torment Collector's Edition

This third installment of the Amaranthine Voyage series has you on a quest to save earth from a fate similar to that which the planet, Anther, faced years ago when a monster called, Torment, arrived and drained its magic and forced people to flee to earth as refugees. This Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game has you jumping back and forth between earth and Anther to stop Torment in accordance with an ancient prophecy. The graphics are weird. Imagine a combination of ancient Athens, dieselpunk, floating islands, the smoke monster from Lost, the weird light-thingies that turned into rock-monsters in the Noah movie (totally not biblical, by the way), Indiana Jones, the Garden of Eden, and the Elf Land from Lord of the Rings.

Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman   2014-08-16

Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman

Lost Legends: The weeping woman Collector's Edition is a wonderful hiddne object puzzle adventure game with a dark story. The graphics depict the horror of it very well. The game has a full potential to keep you entertained till you reach the end. The people of San Cristóbal have a festival every year to appease the Weeping Woman. Now, this Weeping Woman is not a seniorita to be reckoned with. She has kidnapped children before and now she is doing it again! This fun hidden object adventure game has you tracking down the mystery of what’s happening to all these kiddos. I love the little minigames. There’s the standard hidden objects, but there are also unique games where you have to rearrange these little dancing skeletons, put objects into a picture of two skeletons getting married, spin around the dial on a lock, and paint a mask.

Temple Run   2014-08-12

Temple Run

Fun little running game. It’s set in an Indiana Jones sort of jungle. You’re running away from monkeys and have to jump and slide to miss obstacles and turn left or right by sliding your finger on the screen to stay on track. In Temple Run, you can tilt your phone left or right to get the runner to move to the left or right side of the track. Here’s a hint: if you slide your finger a bit early for a turn, the guy will wait and turn at the right time. There are coins to collect, and a store where you can buy upgrades with the coins. New characters, powerups, wallpapers and utilities are available. The track is a bridge that’s suspended over some water. 

The Simpsons: Tapped Out   2014-08-10

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

For a quarter-century, we have allowed the Simpsons family and all of Springfield into our homes for 25 minutes of entertainment every week. This game is perfect for Simpsons fans who love simulation games! Springfield has been blown up leaving nothing but garbage and toxic waste and it is up to Homer to rebuild civilization. Collect money, donuts, friend points, and experience points as you clean, rebuild, and reunite the city and population of Springfield. The city looks just like the cartoon. The Simpson’s house (you have to put up a new hammock), Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart, Flander’s house next door… it’s all in there! 

Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden   2014-08-08

Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden

Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden Collector's Edition is when you lost your fiance before the wedding and you need to hurry before all is lost. The game takes to another world to play this hidden object puzzle adventure game. There has always been a hedge maze behind your parent's house, but you were never allowed to walk in there. Now, when your fiance was dragged right into it by a force of some sort, you are have a good reason to finally go there. But you will not be happy about what you find there. There is a ravenge story to be told about your family and somebosy else. You will have to deal with it and solve the problem before it's too late.

Nevertales: Shattered Image   2014-08-05

Nevertales: Shattered Image

Nevertales: Shattered Image Collector's Edition is a nice hidden object puzzle adventure game that has been released a while ago. You are going to travel through worlds and battle with the mysterious creatures for the destiny of your daughter and world. In this game, you meet a family of travelers meaning that they can travel through portals. The daughter turns 12 and turns out to be able to travel not only through books like her parents, but through reflecting surfaces like mirrors. Unfortunately, before she learns how to be careful, she's kidnapped by a monster from a mirror. Now you need to rescue her and the world that is being shattered apart.

Ominous Objects: Family Portrait   2014-08-03

Ominous Objects: Family Portrait

Ominous Objects: Family Portrait Collector's Edition is a wonderful game with a lot of interesting things to offer. One of the perks is that there's a cat as one of the main characters of the story. Sorry dog persons, but please give him a chance! You are playing as the father of a family. One day you come home to discover that something strange had happened. You wife informs you that some of the paintings came to life, and some of your children are missing now. Nobody understands what hapenend. Your little daugher locked herself in her room and doesn't want to let anyone in. It's your job to discover the truth behind this chaos.

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